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Laura Vandervoort Actress
Trae Dorn Web Comic Artist / Podcaster
Nerd & Tie
The Cybertronic Spree Band
Deborah Ann Woll Actress
Pumpkadoodle Cosplayer
Lauren Edinger Cosplayer
Nicole Maines Actress
Josh Sparks Wildlife Expert
Sparks' Ark
Andrea Parsneau Voice Actress
Reggie Groff Director
Susan Eisenberg Voice Actress
Isaac Hempstead-Wright Actor
Tom Tweedy Voice Actor
The Library Bards Musicians
Kyle Phillips Director / Actor
Amelia Rose Blaire Actress
Bryan Dechart Actor
Benz Antoine Actor
Steve J. Palmer Actor
George Newbern Actor
Terence McGovern Actor
Chloé Hollings Actress
Roger Clark Actor
Felix Silla Actor
Dwight Schultz Actor

Recent Bio Updates

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Kellen Goff Voice Actor
Kunihiko Ikuhara Director
Morgan Berry Voice Actress
Martin Wong Photographer
Billie Piper Actress
Samantha Inoue-Harte Voice Actress / Animator
E. Jason Liebrecht Voice Actor
Christina Marie Kelly Voice Actress
C. Andrew Nelson Actor / Visual Effects Artist / Animator
Dan Brereton Comic Writer & Artist
Robert Axelrod Actor
D.C. Douglas Actor
Mario Bueno Host / Producer / Cosplayer / Singer
Maral Agnerian Cosplayer
Magpie Creations
Phoenix Ash Band
Jessica Cavanagh Voice Actress
Vic Mignogna Voice Actor
Cynthia Cranz Voice Actress
V is for Villains Band
Luci Christian Voice Actress
Aurelio Voltaire Artist / Actor / Musician
Russell Lissau Writer
Brandon McInnis Actor
Elle-Cosplay Cosplayer
Queenie Chan Manga Artist
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