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We started listing conventions on a web site in early 2001. That site was replaced by in the fall of 2003 and quickly became the most popular anime convention directory on the Internet. With thousands of visitors each day, we are still the top source for helping anime and manga fans find conventions and events near them. In January 2012, we launched, which expands coverage beyond anime conventions to other types of fan conventions. Starting in late 2016, we began launching additional sites focused on other specific fandoms:,,,,,, and Statistics

  • has information on 23,813 conventions going all the way back to the the first known fan convention in 1889.
  • has information on 4,532 science fiction conventions.
  • has information on 8,531 convention guests including actors, artists, directors, and producers from all over the world.
  • Over 80% of the web site's traffic is from people visiting the convention listings.
  • On average, over 125,000 visitors come to the sites each month.
  • Most visitors are in the United States and access the sites through a broadband provider.
    • Most visitors to and are in Canada.
    • Most visitors to and are in the United Kingdom.
  • When publishing weekly, our podcast, AnimeCons TV had an average of 3,500 combined downloads and views per month.
  • Although our sites have an active presence on social media, we have never purchased followers and do not buy advertising or promoted posts.
  • The web site was created by Patrick Delahanty, one of the founders of Anime Boston and Providence Anime Conference. He has been a guest speaker at several conventions and conducted panels on starting and running anime conventions.
  • Patrick is aided in updating convention and guest information in the database by several volunteer curators.
  • and our other convention sites are part of the Network.