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Bill Slevin

Bill Slevin

Founder / Lead Investigator
Paranormal Existence Research Society
Coral Springs, FL

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Bill Slevin is the Founder and Lead Investigator of The Paranormal Existence Research Society (P.E.R.S.) based in Coral Springs, FL and also The Regional Director for the Southeastern US for The Warren Legacy Foundation for Paranormal Research, run by Chris McKinnell, the grandson of the Ed & Lorraine Warren, to help carry on the legacy of the Warrens.

Bill has appeared on TV, Radio, Podcasts, magazines, and newspapers all across the country including an episode of Destination America's Ghost Asylum, Ghost Magnet with Bridget Marquardt, and was recently filmed for a documentary for the Discovery Channel airing soon.

Bill grew up wanting to know more about the paranormal after having some of his own experiences as a young kid and has now worked in the paranormal field for over 30+ years with many paranormal experts and celebrities from all over the world. Bill is an expert in residential hauntings and has been part of well over 500+ residential investigations. Bill is a parapsychologist and an expert in Demonology. During the day Bill has 3+ decades of experience in the Technology field. Bill is also a paranormal educator and public speaker who loves to educate the public all about paranormal and the unknown, he and his team can be seen at various libraries, conventions, schools, and other public events.

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