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Artist and Illustrator, Larry Elmore received a BFA from Western Kentucky, got drafted and after 2 years in the service, became an illustrator at Fort Knox. He did some freelancing after that which includes work for Heavy Metal and National Lampoon.

In 1981 he went to work for TSR until 1987 where he set the standards for art in the RPG genre. While there he also created SnarfQuest Tales for Dragon magazine, but is best known for his well-known Dragonlance novel covers.

He has been painting and drawing cover art and interior art for many diverse publications for over 40 years. Fantasy art is my first love, along with sci-fi. He has done work for comic books, Dungeons and Dragons, many other role playing games, toy packaging, model box covers, many book covers and interior work.

He loves to paint and draw, but not with Photoshop, he does it the old fashion way, pencils, pens, paint and brushes! "I LOVE ART!" Larry exclaims. You can get autographed prints Larry from his website:

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