FandomFest 2013 Information

FandomFest 2013

FandomFest 2013
July 26-28, 2013
Galt House
Louisville, KY

Comic Convention with Anime, Fantasy, Gaming, Horror, and Sci-Fi programming

Fandomfest is the largest Comic-Con or Multi-platform convention in the Mid America region. Over 16,700 people attended in 2012 and the 2013 convention looks like it will top 20,000. We are a Comic-Con that includes Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Steampunk, Horror, Anime, Literary, Technology, Film, Gaming, Vending, Cosplay, Costuming, LARPing, Parties, KIDPALOOZA, seminars, Q and A's, Celebrities from TV, Movies and more. It's just like Comic-Con in California as far as what you will find there. While no show will ever reach the size or scope of Comic-con San Diego we bring you a far more affordable version of the event with MAJOR A list celebrities as well as events and experiences that will last a life time. After 8 years we have fans from all over the world come to our event. They have come as far away as New Zealand, England, Australia, Japan, Canada, Mexico and most every State in the Continental US. We are also know as having the LARGEST GENRE Film Festival in America in size and scope. Our film festival accepts Sci-Fi, Drama, Cult, Horror, Comedies, Documentaries and more. Come to the MOST AFFORDABLE event for the whole family. Don't forget you can also have the kids come play during the day and at night drop them off at the parents house and come out for our 18+ events and 21+ events. When the doors close at the day part it only just begins. The show goes on all night for many of our devoted fans.

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$60 weekend, $30 day pass

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