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Press Release for Middle Tennessee Anime Convention

April 2, 2007

MTAC joins US Marines in "Bots for Tots" effort

Nashville, TN - MTAC, the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention, will be conducting it's first official charity benefit this year. The convention, being held April 13-15 in Nashville, will host U.S. Marines representing the Toys for Tots charity as they help collect robot toys for needy kids.

This year's MTAC features a Mecha theme, and in that same vein the convention would like attendees to donate robot toys to the USMC while they are onsite. The promotion is dubbed "BOTS FOR TOTS" to emphasize the way in which robot toys can help develop imagination and introduce kids to the diversity of Anime and it's culture. Also, transforming robot toys can help develop problem-solving and motor skills.

Convention Chairman Lucas Leverett spoke about the spirit of the Bots for Tots idea. "I really feel like I grew intellectually from playing with Transformers as a kid. I feel that they make great toys, as do any Mecha - they get kids out of their reality and into an imaginary world where they can expand their mind."

Each donated robot toy will earn the donor a raffle ticket for a Mecha prize, to be awarded by a drawing at the convention's closing ceremonies. The more donations made, the better the odds of winning the prize.

The USMC will be on hand throughout the event, and will also accept non-robot toys. Learn more at

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