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U the Magician Magician
Christian Thompson Weapons Champion
Taylor Gray Actor
Carla Perez Actress
J. Elvis Weinstein Actor / Comedian
Yuriko Yamaguchi Voice Actress
Kristen Gudsnuk Comic Author
Marjorie Liu Author
Liliphae Cosplayer
Paul McGillion Actor
Rainn Wilson Actor
Colm Meaney Actor
Cirroc Lofton Actor
Linda Park Actress
Torri Higginson Actress
Greg Bryk Actor
Christopher Eccleston Actor
Megan Follows Actress
Mary Jo Pehl Actress
Gaku Space Voice Actor
Moderately Okay Cosplay Cosplayer
Ray Fisher Actor
Julian Glover Actor
Elijah Woods Actor
Tom Welling Actor

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Kira Buckland Voice Actress
Lauren Landa Voice Actress
Waru Mono Cosplayer / Model / Artist
Filthy Warumono
Vitamin H Productions Panelist and Production Group
Todd Haberkorn Voice Actor
Karl Johanson Editor
Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine
Scott A. Melzer Video Editor
Scott Wilson Actor
Steve Horton Comic Writer
Taliesin Jaffe Voice Actor / ADR Director
Seanan McGuire Writer
Randy Milholland Web Comic Creator
Something Positive
Gerald Rathkolb Podcaster
Anime World Order
Daryl Surat Writer / Podcaster
Bill Rogers Voice Actor
Wendy Padbury Actress
Ian McNeice Actor
Pearl Mackie Actress
Tony Lee Writer
Hattie Hayridge Actress
Frazer Hines Actor
Monica Rial Voice Actress
Paul McGillion Actor
Taylor Gray Actor
Ryan North Author
Dinosaur Comics
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