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Cherry Chevapravatdumrong Writer
Dan Peck Writer
Jody Houser Comic Writer
Charles Urbach Writer / Artist
Ciara Hanna Actress
Patricia Summersett Actress
Jamie Mortellaro Actor
Samantha Sawyer Comic Artist
U the Magician Magician
Christian Thompson Weapons Champion
Taylor Gray Actor
Carla Perez Actress
J. Elvis Weinstein Actor / Comedian
Angi Viper Cosplayer
Yuriko Yamaguchi Voice Actress
Kristen Gudsnuk Comic Author
Marjorie Liu Author
Liliphae Cosplayer
Paul McGillion Actor
Rainn Wilson Actor
Colm Meaney Actor
Cirroc Lofton Actor
Linda Park Actress
Torri Higginson Actress
Greg Bryk Actor

Recent Bio Updates

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Veronica Taylor Voice Actress
H. Gorlitz Scott Artist / Author
Vic Mignogna Voice Actor
Yaya Han Cosplayer
Bec of Hearts Cosplayer
Caleb Hyles Vocalist / YouTube Personality
Kazha Band
Tory Belleci Former Mythbuster
Li Kovacs Cosplayer
Daman Mills Voice Actor
Ani-Mia Cosplayer
Kid Yuki and the Otakus Band
The Game Chasers Game Collectors
Norman Caruso Gaming Historian
Andre Meadows Producer
Black Nerd Comedy
James Rolfe Video Game Nerd
Joan Vinge Author
Greg Wicker Game Show Host
Greggo's Game Shows
Kiba Cosplaying Corgi
Stan Lee Comic Legend
Jewel Staite Actress
Jason Momoa Actor
Joe Flanigan Actor
David Anders Actor
Sarah Wiedenheft Voice Actress
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