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Nelli-Jeanne Lucas

Athens, GA USA

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Born in San Diego, California, I loved dressing up and playing in costumes. Soon, it turned into cosplaying. My love for cosplay grew and so did my gaming experience. Along with these two hobbies, I took up MMA and Wrestling. With all of this, I became engulfed in conventions and sharing my experience and love for the things I do.

Nelli-Jeanne (NJ) is a young woman from Athens, Georgia who moved from sunny San Diego, California. When she was younger and the new kid at her schools, she was bullied for how she looked, the way she acted and how she dressed. Now, she is a role model to her sisters and family, as they support her in her cosplaying career. NJ's goal is to show that anyone of any race or gender can cosplay whoever they want and that they should feel confident about it.

In her journey, NJ also has picked up cosplaying quite quickly and has cosplayed at MomoCon (2016), DragonCon (2016), SeishunCon (2017), Savannah Mega Comic-Con (2017), MomoCon (2017) and much more before now. With this, she has started her cosplay studio that is referred to as QuaiitCos. At Dragon Con, NJ cosplayed a character from League of Legends and walked the parade through the streets of Atlanta, as it was cast live on television. Since then, NJ has been making new cosplays, and still focusing on school to make sure that she is academically well to cosplay. Even though NJ has only been cosplaying for about 2 years, she is mechanically strong in crafting and has become quite the one to sew.

As of March 4th, 2017, NJ launched a cosplay as an 'Operation One', meaning that she has most of it finished, but it is still a work in progress. Also, as of that same date, NJ won a 4-day membership to MomoCon 2017 for her excellence in craftsmanship at Georgia Techs' At(LAN)ta Gaming Day, that was centered around League of Legends. This costume has gotten her great exposure, along with her cosplay of Xayah (debuted at MomoCon 2017) that was an eye-catcher for all to see. Her newest cosplay, Auriel from Heroes of The Storm, has shown how she committed she is, as it was her first armor set she had ever created.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Savannah Mega Comic Con 2017 - April 22 in Savannah, GA
   Epicon 2017 - August 19 in Albany, GA cancelled appearance
   Tiger Con 2018 - April 14-15 in Valdosta, GA

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    Nelli-Jeanne Lucas

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