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Brittany Lauda

Voice Actress
New York, USA

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Brittany 'Bree' Lauda is a Voice Over Artist, Casting Director and Director who at a young age was overfilled with her desire to act and entertain, from local plays to read alongs for young children.

With a microphone in hand she took on the internet in June of 2008. A recent graduate from SUNY Geneseo with a thesis on Japanese Film & Animation, she has made a name for herself through voice over on the internet, indie games, e-learning, animation and more.Her debut anime role was Mirim from Queen's Blade Rebellion. Brittany also is slated to appear as several characters in the animated series 'Prince Adventures' alongside Vic Mignogna, Todd Habberkorn and Johnny Yong Bosch. A preview short, entitled 'Prince Adventures Anointed' Premieres this July, where she plays the character Jesus Christ.

Brittany was hand selected to work with Hasbro themselves on their new app "Fluttershy's Famous State" where she officially did the voices for Fluttershy, Sweetie Belle and Applebloom. She can be heard as this characters, as well as Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, in other Hasbro games and apps coming soon. Hasbro also selected Brittany to be the voice of Cody Burns in the Transformers: Rescue Bots series of apps and games. During E3, Brittany was announced as the voice of the character Blazer in the second generation MOBA entitled Strife. In addition to Strife, Brittany will be playing Audrey in the upcoming dating sim puzzle game HuniePop and has appeared in other games such as the infamous trollesque games Tokyo Hosto and The Fantastic Fivesome.

Over the years Brittany has acted, directed, and cast a variety of media- including projects for her college SUNY Geneseo. In September 2014 it was announced that Brittany Lauda will be casting and directing the upcoming RPG game for next gen systems by Ackk Studios entitled Y2K.

In addition to voice over, Brittany enjoys to cosplay, comics and loves to play video games. Currently she works for the blog 'Pwnem' writing video game reviews and articles. Brittany is also an avid collector of 'Pinny Arcade' pins, so if you have Pinny Arcade pins make sure to bring some to trade with her!



Convention Guest Appearances:
   BronyCon 2012 - June 30 - July 1 in Secaucus, NJ
   Running GAGG 2014 - January 31 - February 2 in Geneseo, NY
   Tora-Con 2014 - March 8-9 in Rochester, NY
   Eternal Con 2014 - June 14-15 in Garden City, NY
   ConnectiCon 2014 - July 10-13 in Hartford, CT
   CampAnime 2014 - September 19-21 in Woodstock Valley, CT
   DerpyCon 2014 - December 5-7 in Morristown, NJ
   EMCon Anime Fest 2015 - May 16-17 in East Meadow, NY
   AnimeNEXT 2015 - June 12-14 in Somerset, NJ
   MinCon 2015 - July 18 in Mineola, NY
   Liberty City Anime Con 2015 - August 28-30 in White Plains, NY
   Immortal Con 2015 - October 3 in Ronkonkoma, NY
   Quinni-Con 2016 - April 30 - May 1 in Waterbury, CT convention cancelled
   ConnectiCon 2016 - July 7-10 in Hartford, CT
   Liberty City Anime Con 2016 - August 19-21 in New York, NY
   MinCon 2017 - July 22 in Mineola, NY
   Liberty City Anime Con 2017 - August 18-20 in New York, NY
16 guest appearances

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